Train Station Scenery

Train Station Scenery Part 13

Here is a look at the painted platforms and whats coming up next for this project.


Train Station Scenery Part 12

I finally figured out how I’m going to do the rise from the platforms to the station and like the title says it’s escalators. This is how it will get built


Train Station Scenery Part 11

Like the title says lets talk about platforms, In this part I’ll show you how I’m going to make my station platforms. I also came up with a work around for the stairs up to the station.


Train Station Scenery Part 10

It’s time to start building the platform entrances from the train station above.It’s going well with a little more tweaking everything will fit fine.


Train Station Scenery Part 9

Wow! 2 weeks goes by fast. I’m back from vacation and ready to get this thing done. This is an update on some of the things I figures out and how it will go. I hope I don’t confuse anybody.


Train Station Scenery Part 8

After the last video I realized that I need to finish the road surface striping before moving on to everything under the roadway. Here is a quick look at how I do the road stripes.


Train Station Scenery Part 7

You saw the train station above road level, now it’s time to build another level below the road level so we can begin work on the platform.


Train Station Scenery Part 6

The retaining wall and rock face are done, now it’s time to start working on the road and train station that will go over the staging tracks.


Train Station Scenery Part 5

As the scenery progresses it’s now time to paint the rock castings and also install the concrete wall we made in the last video.


Train Station Scenery Part 4

Now that the rock castings have been installed it’s now time to build the concrete retaining wall that will cover the rest of the foam. Follow along as I scratch build the wall.


Train Station Scenery Part 3

The foam work is done now it’s time to add the rock castings.


Train Station Scenery Part 2

Now it’s time to get this project going! In this part I’ll start by getting the foam base installed.


Train Station Scenery Part 1

This is the first in a series on doing the scenery and installing the train station into train yard scene. I thought I would start with an overview of what’s getting done in this series.