River Scene

River Scene Redo Part 9. This is the last part in this series. I will add the wave effects to the water to give it the look of motion. Be sure to check out the photos of the finished and fully completed river and mountain train station areas.


River Scene Redo Part 8. In this part we will remove the dams I installed for the Envirotex and once again clean up the river banks.


River Scene Redo Part 7. In this part we will finish the prep work and pour the epoxy in the river.


River Scene Redo Part 6. In this part we will do some airbrush work on the river bed and add some final details.


River Scene Redo Part 5. Now we will begin to build the final river bed.


In part 4 we will begin working with ground foam and static grass.


Here in part 3 we will begin the paint process by painting the rock castings and once again putting the river banks back together.


Here is part 2. The demolition is complete. Now we will begin to rebuild the scene.


This video will begin the next series on how I will redo my river scene.