Rebuilding A City

Rebuilding a City: Part 1

This will begin a new series that will rebuild an older area on my layout.

Rebuilding a City: Part 2

A little update on the city build and a bit of bad news. I wish it were better.

Rebuilding a City: Part 3

Let’s take a look at the completed demolition and see what’s next.

Rebuilding a City: Part 4

Merry Christmas to all and a happy New Year! Let’s get all the parking lot and road striping done for the strip mall and used car dealer.

Rebuilding a City: Part 5

Time to continue with this series. Let’s get the parking lot and a couple buildings installed.

Rebuilding a City: Part 6

Now we can blend the roadway into the surrounding areas and begin the base scenery.

Rebuilding a City: Part 7

Let’s build a gravel parking lot for the new walk up BBQ joint.

Rebuilding A City Part: 8

Let’s take a look at how I build a couple types of guardrails and a wood fence.

Rebuilding A City Part: 9

Here is a quick update and a look at what’s coming

Rebuilding A City Part: 10

Let’s make room for the backdrop to be installed.

Rebuilding A City Part: 11

Today I will make the sidewalks for the building flats I built.

Rebuilding A City Part: 12

The hydrocal finally came so let’s install the sidewalks and a small rock wall.

Rebuilding A City Part: 13

The roads are made so let’s install them

Rebuilding A City Part: 14

Let’s add a gas station and parking lot to the city.

Rebuilding A City Part: 15

It’s time to begin building the last 2 blocks of the city. let’s start with planning the sidewalks and connecting the road.

Rebuilding A City Part: 16

Short video this week. Today I’m going to finish the road striping.

Rebuilding A City Part: 17

In this video we’ll begin blending to background into the foreground.

Rebuilding A City Part: 18

Lets blend everything together and weather the road so it all looks like it goes together.

Rebuilding A City Part: 19

Let’s take care of some exterior lighting.

Rebuilding A City: Part 20

Let’s add a few small details.