Dad’s Ho Scale Layout


Welcome to my Dad’s Ho scale layout. These are pics of an Ho scale layout I’m building for my dad in his basement. It was started a few months ago and I am only able to work on it for a couple hours a week so the progress is kind of slow. It was a rough start but it’s coming along nicely now. We should have trains running soon.

Here are a few pics of the layered backdrop I did on the next area of the layout. The foreground scenery has yet to be done. If you like it there is a video of how of was made in the how-to section.


The mountain with tunnel is almost complete.


This is the new drop bridge I built for dad’s layout. I wired it so that the bridge needs to be up in order for the trains to run, when down they are dead.


Finally another update to dad’s layout. I built a mountain with a tunnel on his layout, here are a few photos to show the progress of it. The portals on the 2 ends still need to be completed and of course the trees and shrubs still need to be done as well.



It’s been a while since I updated any progress here so I thought I add a few photos of 2 passenger platforms I built for dad’s layout to go with his train station.



Another few pics to update the bridge scene below. Progress is a little slow but things are moving in the right direction.



Here are a couple updated pics of the bridge on dad’s layout. It won’t be long until it’s permanently mounted and trains running over it.