Drop Down Bridge

Drop Down Bridge: Part 16

Well here we are part 16 and yes it’s the final in this series. Follow along as we  start with getting the epoxy resin poured in and all the water is completed. Look for the next post with pics of the completed scene.

Drop Down Bridge: Part 15

Here in part 15 we will finally finish the track work and complete the wiring and test everything. Hopefully it all works as planned.

Drop Down Bridge: Part 14

Hurray!! We are Finally going to get some track installed. I know It’s been a long series but I can see the end from here. So sit back and follow along as we get the track put in.I hope you enjoy.

Drop Down Bridge: Part 13

Today in part 13, we will finally install the falling water on the waterfall as well as connecting the whole scene to the rest of the layout.

Drop Down Bridge: Part 12

Today in part 12, we will start building the riverbed and get the waterfall ready for the falling water.

Drop Down Bridge: Part 11

Today in part 11, we will start the process of making the clear pieces that will form the falling water in our waterfall.

Drop Down Bridge: part 10

Well here we are at part 10 of this series. Today we are going to paint all the rock faces and cover the area with dirt and grass. I hope you enjoy!

Drop Down Bridge: Part 9

Hello and welcome to part 9. In this part we get the trestle bridge built and installed along with the bridge abutments.

Drop Down Bridge: Part 8

Here in part 8 we will start the stuff I really like to do. We will build the rock walls and the waterfall using the castings we made in the last video.

Drop Down Bridge: Part 7

I decided to put up 2 videos today. In this part we will begin casting the rock faces that will form the waterfall.

Drop Down Bridge: Part 6

This part we will get the approach road bed installed and even with the bridge so when the rails get installed they will lay down properly .

Drop Down Bridge: Part 5

Just a quick review of what has been done and the slide bolts have been installed and the switch locations routed in. I think that now most of the mechanical parts are done.

Drop Down Bridge: Part 4

The time has finally come, we are going to hinge the bridge so it will actually be a drop down. I will also begin the process of installing the switches for the electrical part.

Drop Down Bridge: Part 3

In this video I will finish modifying the lift out bridge to make it work as a drop down bridge.

Drop Down Bridge: Part 2

In this video we will begin modifying my lift out bridge and getting it ready to hinge it to my layout.

Drop Down Bridge: Part 1

This video will begin a new series about how I am going to rebuild the current lift out bridge on my layout and change into a hinged drop down bridge which will be properly powered. This will hopefully fix the problems of broken tracks and storing the bridge when not in use. I will also wire it correctly so it will have dead tracks on either side of the bridge so keep trains from falling off the layout.


This is a small video about how I built my first lift out bridge. I know it’s not as elaborate as some I have seen but it works well and it was cheap to make!