Drop Down Bridge

This is my original lift out bridge

This is a small video about how I built my first lift out bridge. I know it’s not as elaborate as some I have seen but it works well and it was cheap to make!


Rebuilding The Bridge To Be Hinged With Power and Dead Tracks With Scenery

Drop Down Bridge: Part 1

This video will begin a new series about how I am going to rebuild the current lift out bridge on my layout and change into a hinged drop down bridge which will be properly powered. This will hopefully fix the problems of broken tracks and storing the bridge when not in use. I will also wire it correctly so it will have dead tracks on either side of the bridge so keep trains from falling off the layout.


Drop Down Bridge: Part 2

Let’s get the bridge installed as well as the latches and switches to make it all work.


Drop Down Bridge: Part 3

It’s time to replace some roadbed, install the switches and make the rock castings.


Drop Down Bridge: Part 4

Let’s start the scenery by installing the rock castings adding a little color and defining the waterfall.


Drop Down Bridge: Part 5

Now the waterfall has been defined and painted it’s time to add the riverbed and beach areas.


Drop Down Bridge: Part 6

Finally it’s time to build the waterfall.


Drop Down Bridge: Part 7

In this part we’ll add track and guardrails to the bridge.


Drop Down Bridge: Part 8

Now that the bridge and track are done it’s time to finish the wiring.


Drop Down Bridge: Part 9

The time has finally come to pour the water, finish the waterfall and get this thing done.


Here are a few pics of the completed bridge