About Me

Hello everyone,

My name is Mike and I have been working on this layout since the Fall of 2013. It is an N scale layout occupying a space of 9′ x 16′. The specific dimensions for the spread of the layout itself can be seen below.

DSC100 - Copy

    My son gave me this website so I can share everything easily with friends and family. Feel free to view my work and like, share, or comment on anything, as well as follow my blog.

   The layout is my second attempt; the first try didn’t work and was a failure. Through the failure, however, I learned a great deal. Although this layout is not perfect, I am very happy with how it is developing.

    The time period is in the late 1980’s to the early 1990’s. This is just a general time frame, not a specific year. The location isn’t definite, as it is not a real place, but it is based off of the Northeastern United States.

    Some buildings and locations are based off various pop culture references. I have made references to A Christmas Story and All in the Family; see if you can spot them! I will continue to include more references as the layout expands.

    I am still working to become more skilled and learn new ways of producing realistic and accurate scenes. I am happy to learn if anyone has any tips and tricks to share.

Thanks for visiting my website and enjoy my work and photos!