4 thoughts on “Kitbash A Wall Flat: Part 9

    • Hi Frederick, I don’t promote what I use for glue because it’s kind of controversial. It’s called ME, it’s a chemical that is used as a solvent in different scenarios and can be quite toxic. In that small bottle I have is the MEK with a small amount of styrene added and yes it works great and will work right through painted surfaces. I have been using it for a couple years now and really like the way it works. But before you decide to try it absolutely look it up and read about it before trying it yourself.


      • I will. may just stay with various glues that I am using. They all have MEK in them as the promary ingredient. If I could buy a quart for 10 to 12 ok but they weem to run about 20. That is a lot of gule for my purposes.

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