Building a new passenger train yard: part: 19

After some consideration and looking over my own videos I decided to do a video on feeder wires after all.

2 thoughts on “Building a new passenger train yard: part: 19

  1. Mike, my preference is to solder to the bottom of the rail and I like 24AWG wire as opposed to 20, just a little bit easier to work with. However, I use flux and tin both the rail and wire, touch the two together, apply a bit of heat and it adheres really well. IF I need to solder to the outside of the rail (repair work), I again use flux which lets me use less solder and it doesn’t ball up. I clean the joint with alcohol after it cools.

    I agree with soldering the feeder to the bus underneath. I do what you’ve demonstrated although I use pliers to do the final piece of the wrap of the feeder and again use a little flux. My wires are colour coded black and red and I’ve bought black and red electrical tape to cover.

    Also, for your turnout controls, I use the same ones on one of my layouts and I bought some green and red nail polish. I then paint the switch so that the green side is the “straight through” route and red is “diverging”. It takes a couple of coats of nail polish it sticks really well.


    • Thanks for watching and commenting I agree with everything you wrote here and practice all of it. The only reason I used 20 gauge wire is it’s what was available at the time. Very well written and thank you


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