Building a new passenger train yard: part: 15

I Finally got the hole cut for the turntable and it’s time to get the rise built for the track that will go around the outside of the yard.

2 thoughts on “Building a new passenger train yard: part: 15

  1. Hi Mike, thanks for the video(s). I’ve been following along. I keep looking at that large circle you are using to gain access to the turntable and wonder if there would be some other (additional?) way of getting there that wouldn’t require traversing what looks like a very tight radius curve.

    As I look at the layout (based upon the camera angle), the track that is in front of the roundhouse, if you could build in a turnout at that point (with the current layout it would have to go between two other turnouts and I’m not sure about room) which went straight into the turntable. As I look at it that likely means that the turntable would have to be relocated further along to the camera’s left though.

    Anyway, keep the videos coming.


    • Thank you don Martin, I went down to give it another look and I gotta say I know the radius is tight but I still think it will work as well as I really like the idea of the track going around the roundhouse. I really do appreciate your thoughts on my build as it makes me think twice before doing something. I’ve always been told measure twice cut once so keep the comments coming and I’ll keep the videos coming!


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