5 thoughts on “Dad’s Ho scale update

  1. It’s really nice that your dad constructed a model bridge neatly along with the tracks. With a few more details like creating mountain terrains, trees and brushes, this will be a wonderful model railroad scenery. Thanks for sharing his work!

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    • Thank you Maria Flores for the nice words about the bridge I am building for my father. The rest of the details are still to come but sadly all the messy plaster and paint work needs to be completed before the bridge is fully installed. More updates on the progress will be coming so keep watching!


  2. Every time I see another’s progress it makes me want to do some work on mine as well. I think I finally will get to capture some real life photos of a dual trestle from my mother’s hometown that I want to be the main feature in my layout. Everything else will support it, so making sure I have it right is important.

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    • Thank you Joe Owens It’s always nice to hear I might inspire somebody to do something. The idea you have sounds awesome I hope it turns out well. This truss bridge I built for my dad in Ho scale was from a Walthers kit and was fairly easy to build. Not sure if you saw it or what scale you are doing but I also scratch built a small double trestle bridge in N scale for my own layout the pics are on my site if you are interested.


      • I am modeling in HO. This weekend I hope to finally get a good opportunity to make the kind of pictures I require to ensure I model the double trestle exactly or as close as I can do it to real life. I have a photo on my model railroad blog, but it is a Google version and does not give any detail with surrounding elevations.

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