Overall layout

Hello everyone,

This post is devoted to those who might be curious about what the overall layout of my setup looks like. The following picture is a diagram that I drew in the beginning of what I wanted the layout to look like.


Staying true to this original mock-up, the layout has come a long way.  Read more posts to see more of the current state of the setup.

Welcome to Mike’s Trains

Here is where you can find updates about my layout and see new photos of the work I’ve been doing

You will find the latest photos uploaded here to the front page of this site.


This is the latest image of the layout. It is a closeup of the front of Union Station, the main train station of the layout. There are printed backgrounds along the wall to create the illusion of the rest of the city in the background. Currently, I am working on setting up the train yard behind the station. You’ll see more pictures of that to come.